Exerhoop Hula Hoops is a Tauranga based manufacturer and distributor of Exerhoop Hula Hoops, hula hoops specifically designed & weighted for adults, although children as young as 6 - 7 years can easily spin these hoops.

Exerhoop Hula Hoops are Hand Crafted in Tauranga from locally sourced materials and sold through our website; www.exerhoop.co.nz and TradeMe.co.nz plus selected Agents around New Zealand.

Exerhoop Hula Hoops are a great way to exercise & have fun. Hoop swinging is an aerobic workout that strengthens your core muscles, trims your waistline, helps get rid of unwanted kilos, works the tummy and burns around 10 calories per minute.

Exerhoop Hula Hoops are available in Black with Vinly Trim; Red, Green, Yellow, White or Blue, or with Reflective Trim; Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, or Silver.

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